Discover Vacation Ownership

Discover Vacation Ownership

Create more of life’s best momentsFind a resort near youOzark Mountain Resort, Missouri
Your next vacation is never far away
With most resorts within a two-hour drive of major cities, getting away is easy.
Something for everyone, and every want
Whether you’re looking for action-packed days or hours spent at the beach, all of our resorts offer a wide range of amenities and activities.
Choose your perfect escape
We offer you flexibility with choices of location, unit type, and time of year, as well as exchanges at other resorts. You can even come for the day!
Make the most of life
You gain a weekend home, a country club, and access to lifelong vacations across the country and around the world.
Silverleaf Exchange
Exchange and replace your vacation space

Want to change your beach resort for a chance to do some cross-country skiing? Well, Silverleaf offers you the chance to take advantage of our other unique resort properties by way of our exclusive Silverleaf Exchange Program.

Bonus Time
In need of a last minute getaway?

Through Bonus Time, our flexible, last-minute getaway program, a spur of the moment trip is just minutes away. In addition to the deeded vacation period, owners can request 1-3 nights at a time (on a space available basis). Members of all ownership levels qualify for bonus time.


  • “Stayed here twice so far! It's been a fantastic place to get away and not far from home. We love that we can stay just a few nights at a time whenever we want. It's been perfect for us!.”

    Olivia W., Dickinson, TX
  • "After planning to snowboard at Winter Park we started looking for hotel accommodations. Unfortunately, everything in the area is pretty expensive, and what is affordable is booked months in advance. However I was lucky enough to stumble upon Pinnacle Lodge, just a mile or so north of Winter Park in Fraser, CO. The hotel is relatively new so everything in it was in great condition. Swimming pool with hot tub, friendly staff, good continental breakfast in the morning."

    Eric F., Cambridge, MA
  • "As an RCI Time Share owner, I can pick any Resort anywhere. But this year because of economic limitations, I chose to take my family to a local resort. Being that Fox River Resort was almost two hours away from home, it won in the selection process. The Presidential Suite was remodeled and definitely to my taste, with a nice jacuzzi and picture windows facing the forest. A week in which I learned to enjoy the simple things of life, like nature walks, playing miniature golf, free nightly DVD rentals, and board games. The best part of the vacation was the attentiveness of the activities room staff and the reception staff; they always had a jovial word!"

    Jennie S., Buffalo Grove, IL